The library will be imaginatively designed to encourage browsing. Most of the books will be shelved in the main study space, which will be structured as a set of small reading rooms opening into one another. Each room will focus on a particular theme or subject. Readers will be able to stroll between rooms, browse along the shelves, and sit down in comfortable chairs to read. Large tables will be available in a central study area for detailed study of particular items. Facilities for lap-top computers, flash-free photography, and photocopying will be provided.

An exhibition area will host two permanent exhibitions on 'Business in the Community' and 'Business and the Environment'. There will also be a varied programme of special exhibitions and events, linked to the publication of new books, anniversaries of significant events in the history of enterprise, and so on. The exhibitions will be open to the public and entirely free of charge.

The centre aims to promote the use of books and other printed materials as sources for the history of business enterprise. A specialist bookshop will stock new and second-hand titles on relevant subjects. We already have a large stock of books available for sale. Prints, themed calendars and study materials will also be sold.

Educational support
The centre aims to develop strong links with local schools and universities. A range of educational materials are being developed, telling the story of the growth of business since the early days of the commercial revolution (1600-2000). It is planned to make the materials available online.