Chairman Mark Casson
Professor of Economics, University of Reading, England. Author of books on entrepreneurship, international business and economic history. He is currently writing an economic history of the UK railway system funded by a grant from the UK Economic and Social Research Council. He was formerly a Curator of the University of Reading Library, and is a past President of the Stoke Row Steam Rally. See profile.

Treasurer Janet Casson
Partner in Casson and Crispe Consulting. Specialist in performance measurement and evaluation. Church-warden of Woodcote, Oxfordshire. She is an active participant in a wide range of voluntary organisations. Her special interests include the social history of Tudor and Stuart Britain.

Secretary Brian Turner
A senior traffic engineer at the Department for Transport, London. A Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, he has a long-standing interest in both road and rail transport. He is a Reader in the Church of England, and an organist at his local church.

Eric Jones
A Professorial Fellow at Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, Australia. A distinguished economic historian, he has a special interest in long-term economic change, cultural factors in economic growth, and agricultural history. He has been Visiting Professor at Yale, Princeton, Berlin and other universities. He lives in Gloucestershire, where his hobbies include bird-watching, landscape history and family history.
See profile.

Peter Buckley
Professor and Director of the Centre for International Business Studies, University of Leeds. Author of numerous books on multinational enterprise, international trade, and investment. He is currently President of the US-based Academy of International Business. He has been Visiting Professor at Paris (Sorbonne) Rennes, Groningen, Oslo and Hong Kong. He was previously Chairman of Shibden Valley Society and is a member of Copley Cricket Club. See profile.

John Creedy
Senior Economist at the Treasury, Wellington, New Zealand. He was formerly Truby Williams Professor of Economics at the University of Melbourne. He is the author of several books on the history of the economic thought and social policy. A keen book collector, he once owned an art gallery in Richmond, North Yorkshire. See profile.